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SportSpeakLA Exclusive - SB Nation-TrueBlueLA talks Juan Uribe & Yasiel Puig

Ducks v Kings (2/2/13) "Freeway Faceoff"

We talked to fans outside of the Honda Center in Anaheim, before the Anaheim Ducks & LA Kings met at center ice for their famed "Freeway Faceoff" We wanted to know what the fans thought of the shortened season, the lockout and how their teams would fare in the night's game.

Dodgers Fanfest 2013

Out at Dodgers Fanfest 2013 outside of Dodgers Stadium. with the Stadium in repairs going through its upgrades, the fans braved the weather to go out, get a glimpse and meet their favorite players. Here's SportSpeakRADIO's Todd Boldizsar interviewing a fan about the boys in blue.

Independent Sports Talk Radio for the Monday Morning Quarterback


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